Screening: Early Identification and Referral

Like most public health problems, the prognosis for mental disorders is best when they are detected early in their course of development and subsequently treated appropriately. Unfortunately, sometimes mental illness festers because people are too ashamed to admit they need help. During this time the illness can become catastrophic, like a metastasized cancer. Treating a highly suicidal individual is much more invasive and complicated that treating someone early on in the development of the problem. Thus, just like breast and testicular cancer, frequent and regular screening can help catch problems early.

Campuses can develop their own online screening tool by partnering with Mental Health Screening or the Jed Foundation’s ULifeline.

Campuses can also increase awareness by participating in the national screening days:

  • National Depression Screening Day (October)
  • National Alcohol Screening Day (April)
  • National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day (May)

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